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New Canon imagePRESS C7010VP!

New Canon imagePRESS C7010VP!

We are the first in the Czech Republic to be able to offer you digital printing on new digital production machinery, the Canon imagePRESS C7010VP, which excels in terms of quality, productivity (achieving a printing speed of up to 70 full-colour A4 pages per minute), reliability and versatility.

Digital colour production line - Canon imagePRESS C7010VP

A new generation of high print quality, very similar to offset on all media! the V-toner, with extremely fine particles measuring 5.5 microns which combines two different technologies (pulverisation and polymerisation), affords the widest possible colour depth ensuring rich and lively colours. the innovative Image Control technology allows printing at a resolution of 1200 × 1200 dpi with 256 shades. the advanced Image Control System (ARCDAT) automatically performs detailed picture setting after each page processed. At the same time, the new colour density control system for the colour toner ensures optimal toner density. Gloss optimiser technology provides optimal printing results on all media - high gloss on chalky media and matte finish on ordinary media. Intelligent Registration Technology (IRT) ensures very precise registration from front to back and from side to side.

System properties:

  • media size from 182 x 182 mm to 330 x 487 mm, maximum print format 323 x 482 mm
  • media density 60 - 325 g/m2 for all types of supported media
  • doubled-sided printing up to 325 g/m2 from all paper feeders
  • print resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi, 256 shades of colour
  • pulverised V-toner facilitates use of wide gamut and oil-free fixatives and creates a smooth, fine surface
  • speed of 71.6 A4 pages per minute, a constant speed for all supported media due to Dual Fusing technology
  • air separation of media and suction feed from all paper feeders
  • active paper registration with the leading edge ensures constant location of the paper on entry to the machine
  • compensation of the size of the image on the back side eliminates the influence of temporary shrinkage of media after fixation of the front side
  • ARCDAT technology ensures automatic colour calibration in real time by measuring the colour density on samples on the imaging drum
  • possibility of printing variable data - personalising, numbering, bar codes, etc. - the whole document is printed, allowing for variable colour data

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