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Preparation of master copies

Master copies must be delivered in the composite print PDF (Portable Document Format) format of version 1.3 - 1.7 or PS (PostScript Level 2, 3) format. If data is provided in another format, the customer will be charged with an extra fee for the time required for conversion to the print PDF and this PDF will be subsequently sent to the customer for proofreading.

CMYK and monochromatic images in supplied images must have the resulting resolution of at least 250 DPI (ideally 300 DPI). Line art must have the resulting resolution of at least 600 DPI and in the PDF format the smoothing into the greyscale must not be activated.

If you use compression, observe the following rules:

  • JPEG compression must have the highest possible quality
  • The bitmap compression must be non or CCIT Group 4
  • LZW compressions of files are allowed

The file must contain alignment marks in all the four parts of the document as well as all trim marks.

If sheet assembly is necessary, the files must be created as composite ones with all particulars. Colour overprints (e.g. 100% of black) must already be set in the provided file.

PDF files must contain the correct location of position boxes (look what they should look like: Trimbox, Bleedbox, Cropbox, Artbox, Mediabox - it is the default setting, so if your DTP program is set properly, no changes should occur).

All the fonts used in a document must be embedded in PS or PDF. In the case of the PDF format we do not recommend you to create font subsets. We also do not recommend you to convert TrueType fonts to Type1.

You can provide files on a CD both in the MAC and PC format. the files must be properly marked and have a self-explanatory name. If you send files to FTB, always inform us (by phone or e-mail) after the completion of the file transfer.

The above mentioned rules apply to the large-size print.
an exception is represented by large-size prints of the A0 size and bigger where the 1:1 proportion of images to the output size need not be maintained. For sizes larger than A0 the  proportion of images (document) of 1:2 to the resulting size is generally used. For sizes of the BILLBOARD type the document proportion of 1:4 to 1:10 to the resulting size is used.

There is a general rule - if you do not know, it is better to ask. Our employees of the DTP studio will be happy to advise you.


Exposition - If you create a PS file and will not provide PDF, use any driver that is compatible with the PS Level 2, 3 specification and is for an exposition unit, e.g.: Agfa Selectset Avantra 25, Scitex PS Bridge L2. In the print settings do not forget to activate the font embedding and deactivate “font substitution with device fonts. ″.
PDF - We strongly recommend you to use certified programs that contain the Adobe PDF Engine for conversion to the PDF format. Third-party programs may cause poor exposition or erroneous data print!

How to prepare master copies for print?

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