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We have increased our capacity and the automation of the production of printed matter with metal spiral spines by purchasing Renz Punch 500 and Renz MOBI 500 machines

Renz Punch 500 and Renz MOBI 500 - machines for calendar binding

Description: the Renz Punch 500 machine for the perforation of folios for calendar binding is robustly constructed and fitted with components from quality materials. Perforation blades, which can be individually eliminated, are driven by an electric motor. the Renz MOBI 500 is semi-automatic for the automated cutting of the wire spine and closure (2:1, 3:1), controllable and programmable on a touch display.
minimum width of binding 90 mm
maximum width of binding 500 mm
maximum thickness of binding 4 mm
Binding type: 3:1, 2:1
Closure of spines with a diameter of 5.5-32 mm
Performance: 400 (or 1000) items/hr.

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