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Direct marketing

Direct mailing and document personalization

For our clients we mediate efficient communication with customers using

  • individual personalized mailing
  • individual non-personalized mailing
  • personalized multi-mailing

Thanks to our own completion centre and a permanent group of trained seasonal workers we ensure quick and reliable completion of shipments without unnecessary additional costs. 
Top software enables automated sorting and bundling of shipments.
High-speed laser printers allow us to personalize documents (personal letters, invitation cards, invoices, etc.), incl. vocative addressing (in Czech).

How to prepare master copies for print?

About company

PRINCO International, spol. s r.o.
Panuškova 1299/2
140 00 Praha 4-Krč

tel.: 296 114 911
e-mail: info@princo.cz

Spotřebitel má právo obrátit se za účelem mimosoudního řešení spotřebitelského sporu na Českou obchodní inspekci, se sídlem Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, telefon: +420 296 366 360, fax: +420 296 366 236, web: http://www.coi.cz, IS DS: x7cab34.

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