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DTP studio

Information about the DTP studio

The DTP studio is equipped with powerful computers of the MacPro and PC type with the latest operating systems for trouble-free work and communication. We work with continuously update professional programs - QuarkXPress®, Adobe® InDesign®, Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe® Flash®, Enfocus PitStop, Ultimate Impostrip. We can naturally open files in programs as CorelDRAW®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® PowerPoint® and others. all the operating systems and programs used in our company are legal.

Graphic designs

We will prepare a creative design and at the same time verify technological procedures of its production, as you know, not everything we think of can be produced easily and cheaply and within the required time schedule.

Photo studio

We have our own photo studio able to take photos of various products and goods. Then we can make colour adaptations of the photos, overlay them as necessary and prepare them for further use and print technology.


We can scan images from transparent or reflective materials with the maximum size of 594 x 420 mm (A2) with the optical resolution of the scanner of 7,500 dpi.

Composition, folding and work with images

We offer folding, corrections, complex retouching, masking, overlaying and other demanding processing.

Digital print with the FOGRA certification

We prepare prints on an EPSON Pro9600 digital seven-colour plotter with the ISO Coated v2 certification (Fogra 39).

Checking print data

Before exposition of the print plates we check the data (dimensions, bleeds, colours, resolution, transparency, overlays and many other parameters) to avoid possible errors and extra costs of our customers.

Exposition of print plates - CTP

We produce print plates on a thermal CTP (ComputerToPlate) Screen with the maximum plate size of 830 x 660 mm and maximum exposition area of 830 x 633 mm with the repeatability of +/- 5 μm. Process as well as processless plates can be used.

Archiving and burning of data on CD

We archive data of completed orders that were entirely created by our company for repeated use of our clients FREE of CHARGE. Burning data on a CD is a natural thing for us.

How to prepare master copies for print?

About company

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