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Information about the Bookbindery

In our bookbindery we offer subsequent processing of print sheets from mere trimming to the clean size through grooving, folding, gathering to V1 and V2 binding. After the bookbindery processing we seal the products in foil (also individually) or bind them and prepare for shipment.

DUPLO Ultra 145A machine for UV painting

Description: We were the first in the Czech Republic to produce a machine for treating printed materials with matt or brilliant UV varnish on just one piece. The machine is designed for both off-set and digital printing.
Format: maximum sheet format 368 x 660 mm
Output: 7,200 TA/hour
Weight of paper: 140-350 g/m2
Type of lamina: glossy or matt

Creasematic Auto 50 machine for creasing and perforating

Description: This machine for creasing and perforating leaflets, coupons, meal vouchers, as well as creasing desk calendar stands up to a width of 50 cm was purchased from KAS Paper Performance. It ensures simple and accurate adjustment of folding lines and perforating by using a digital screen to provide perfect finishing of printed materials.
Formats: maximum format of sheets 500 x 700 mm
Output: 7,000 TA/hour
Weight of paper: 80-350 g/m2
Creasing: up to 29 folding lines per sheet, 4 sizes of creasing strips
Perforation: up to 4 per sheet

Foliant Taurus 530 SF Lamination machine

Description: compact lamination machine for making glossy, matte or structured lamination of printed paper
Formats: maximum folio format 530 x 740 mm
Performance: 2 800 TA/hr.
Paper density: 115-500 g/m2
Type of laminate: glossy, matte or structured

DC-615 Pro folio cutting and creasing machine

machine for automatic cutting to size, cutting up and creasing folios for greetings cards, postcards, business cards, CD and DVD covers and many other printed materials
minimum folio format 210 x 210 mm
maximum folio format 320 x 650 mm
minimum size for cutting to size 48 x 65 mm
Paper density: 110-300 g/m2

Renz Punch 500 and Renz MOBI 500 - machines for calendar binding

Description: the Renz Punch 500 machine for the perforation of folios for calendar binding is robustly constructed and fitted with components from quality materials. Perforation blades, which can be individually eliminated, are driven by an electric motor. the Renz MOBI 500 is semi-automatic for the automated cutting of the wire spine and closure (2:1, 3:1), controllable and programmable on a touch display.
minimum width of binding 90 mm
maximum width of binding 500 mm
maximum thickness of binding 4 mm
Binding type: 3:1, 2:1
Closure of spines with a diameter of 5.5-32 mm
Performance: 400 (or 1000) items/hr.

V2 c.p. bourg BB 3002 PUR + Nordson gluing machine for V2 binding

Description: fully automated machine for producing PUR glued V2 bindings. Polyurethane adhesive ensures extremely high-quality and strong binding.
Parameters: performance up to 600 items/hr.
Min. block format: 100 x 100 mm
Max. block format: 320 x 385 mm
Block thickness: 1-60 mm
Min. cover format: 200 x 100 mm
Max. cover format: 710 x 390 mm
Cover density: 80-300 g/m2

Schmedt PräziCase SC2, PräLeg 18, PräForm HHS 21 for producing V4 and V8 bindings and UNIBAND title piece sticker

Description: PräziCase SC2 fully automated machine for producing book covers for individual and serial production
book cover width 229-660 mm 
book cover height 170-400 mm 
spine width 6,4-82 mm
Dardboard thickness: 1,5-3,5 mm
Performance: maximum 200 items/hr.

Description: PräLeg 18 is a microprocessor-controlled casing-in machine. Because it is easy to control the machine it is equally suited to casing-in individual books and industrial serial production. 
book width: 110-450 mm 
Book height: 80-340 mm
Block thickness 2-80 mm 
Performance: maximum 300 items/hr.

Description: the PräForm HHS 21 press for sticking covers and a machine for burning in the joint. It is designed for use together with the PräLeg casing-in machine and is equally suited to casing-in individual books and industrial serial production. 
book width 120-400 mm 
Book height up to 520 mm
Block thickness 8-100 mm 
Performance: maximum 180 items/hr.

Description: the UNIBAND machine is intended for sticking title pieces on the spines of book covers. 
minimum block format 75 x 100 mm
maximum block format 320 x 450 mm
thickness of book block 3-79 mm
Performance: maximum 360 items/hr.

Stahl K-56 folding machine (Heidelberg)

Machine parameters: B2 size
Folding possibilities: up to 6 folds + 2 cross folds

Setmaster gathering machine

Gathering equipment Setmaster
Machine parameters: possibility to gather up to 12 folders of the A5 size or 6 folders of the A4 size

Horizon Stitchliner 5500 modular bookbinding line for the V1 stitched binding

Machine parameters: with the output of 5,500 books/hour (11,000 books/hour in case of double production).
Stitching possibilities: up to 4 staples or 2 loops 
Machine configuration:

  • VAC-100 a,m - 2 air gathering towers per ten stations
  • ST-40 - sheet stacker with a detector for rejection of defective sheets
  • ACF-30 - book block forming, grooving and pre-rolling of the backbone
  • SPF-30 - central module for wire stitching and folding
  • HTS-30 - triple cut

Visionbag packing machine

Machine parameters: individual packing in clear or coloured foil with the output of 1,200 pieces/hour
Min. package size: 160 x 100 mm
Max. package size: 250 x 360 mm

Minipack packing machine

Machine parameters: sgroup packing in clear or matt foil with the output of 1,000 pieces/hour
Max. package size: 297 x 420 mm

Packing machine - TP-502 automatic banding machine

Machine parameters: designed for group binding of mainly magazines with the output of 50 packages/min

We also stick together boxes, CD, DVD covers, embossing and cut-outs including die production.

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