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Large-size printing

Basic information about the print

With the use of our equipment we can prepare large-size prints for you exactly in accordance with your specifications. You will find descriptions and possibilities of the machines below.

High quality of printing and the colour representation is ensured by professional calibration for various kinds of materials.

We offer the production of outdoor banners and posters as well as indoor pictures and information boards.

The range of materials that can be printed is very wide.

The machines offer large variability of print resolutions for different purposes.

Indoor and outdoor print with the possibility of after-treatment as cold lamination, lamination spray, backing with indoor and outdoor boards, etc.

Indoor technology - Epson Stylus 9600 PRO

Size: material width 104 cm, unlimited length 
Resolution: 360 DPI - 2840 DPI
Inks used: pigment inks with a UV filter
Number of print heads: 1
Machine speed: 7 m2/ hour.
Suitable for indoor applications (posters, banners, flags, PVC self-sticking labels).

Indoor a outdoor technology - HP Designjet L25500

Size: material width 1 524 mm, unlimited length
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 DPI
Technology: HP thermal ink print 
Inks used: HP latex ink 
Number of print heads: 6
Machine speed: 22,8 m2/ hour
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (outdoor signage, billboards, city lights, car printing, exhibition graphic art, posters, PVC self-sticking labels, flags, banners).

Outdoor technology - SCITEX XL JET 5+

Size: material width 5 m, unlimited length
Resolution: 370 x 740 DPI
Ink used: 2 x CMYK UV solvent inks 
Number of print heads: 32
Machine speed: 95 m2/ hour
Suitable for outdoor applications (posters, banners, billboards, flags, PVC self-sticking labels, car labels, city lights, backlights).

Cut graphics - Gerber FasTrack 1300

maximum width of material 1320 mm
maximum width of cut 1200 mm
axial maximum 1000 mm/s
diagonal maximum 1414 mm/s
40 up/down knife cycles per second
Media thickness: maximum 1 mm
Cutting pressure range: 0-454 g
Cut graphics production machine (lettering on windows, doors, car stickers, means of transport).

Lamination for large-size print - Neschen ColdLam 1600 - N

We also offer lamination for large-size print, either glossy or matt. the lamination protects prints from UV radiation, moisture, dust and dirt (is washable).

Lamination - Neschen HotLam 1600

Size: material width 160 cm, unlimited length 
Lamination types: glossy and matt (outdoor, indoor)
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (posters, banners, PVC self-sticking labels, car labels)

Further processing options

We offer backing with various types of material (Forex, Foam, cardboard) and various types of carved shapes of these materials.

How to prepare master copies for print?

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